Shotcrete Hoses

Continental Survivor Wire Shotcrete Hose

Moore-Quip are proud to announce “Here In Perth”, hose assemblies for concrete/Shotcrete hoses 2″ to 5″ 85 bar rated.
For all OEM underground shotcrete spraying machines. Our hose is manufactured in Canada by Continental , our fittings are made in USA and will outlast the hose . Hoses are assembled here in Perth and serialised.
Shotcrete Hose Bend resistors (Spring) , the Hose Bend resistors supplied with our shotcrete hose are Australian made and designed to fit perfectly over the hose ferule and keep a minimum distance from the hose to provide effective support.

We hold stock here in Perth for most Shotcrete machines or hand spray guns, made to measure is available.

We can also supply with a burst sleeve if required holds MSHA IC-319/1 certification and has exceeded the requirements of ISO 6805 when tested in accordance with ISO 8030 (Electrical Resistance) and ISO 8031 (Fire Resistance).

Continental Allcrete Textile Reinforced Concrete, Plaster, & Grouting Hose

Continental Allcrete concrete pumping hose is meant to last and has proven itself as an industry leader – offering greater durability and lower overall replacement costs. It is used to conduct wet concrete, plaster, grout, wet shotcrete, and concrete to building structures, dams, tunnel faces, swimming pools, or construction sites. It can also be used for material handling on drilling rigs. This is a rugged, durable, high performance concrete hose that is to be coupled with high-quality, abrasion resistant permanent swage fittings. Perfect for drop hoses due to its high working pressure and flexabilty. Manufactured in Canada.

Safe working Pressure: 85 Bar

Continental Survivor Wire  Reinforced Concrete, Plaster, & Grouting Hose

The Survivor Hose Compound is one of the toughest compounds used on Continental Engineered Products conveyor belts. It is now available inside a family of Continental Engineered Products concrete handling hose as a tube compound, and is able to withstand serious abuse and increase the life of your hose.

The Continental has a steel wire reinforcement designed to handle wet concrete with high head pressures at the critical flex areas on boom trucks, shotcrete equipment, line pumps, grout hoses and any concrete pumping equipment with a  piston pump that It is also used as a discharge hose on the delivery end of high pressure pumps. Manufactured in Canada.

Safe working Pressure: 85 Bar