Concrete Pump Primer

Pump Primer

Powdered pumping aid packaged in a patented, ready-to-use bag. Pump Primer is uniquely formulated to provide the concrete pumper with a cost-effective replacement for premium priced grout, primer slurries or bagged cement primers. Additionally, Pump Primer functions as a concrete pumping aid by reducing line pressure, which enables the placement of hard to pump mixes and increasing the range of pumpability. Pump Primer is also environmentally safe and compatible with all conventional concrete materials. Pump Primer contains no bentonite, cementitious materials, soaps or air entraining agents. One bag is sufficient to lubricate 30m of concrete hose or pipe work.


Pump Primer is the patented polymer-based concrete pump primer. Used worldwide, it is now the standard for priming concrete pumps. This product eliminates problems associated with the use of bentonite or similar materials for pump priming. It reduces wear on equipment when starting a job.


  • The original patented pump primer.
  • No need for expensive ready-mixed priming grout.
  • Eliminates the need for carrying bagged cement.
  • Packaged in easy to handle 8 ounce bags.
  • Increases ease and range of pumpability.
  • Decreases wear on equipment.
  • Easily introduced into pumping equipment.
  • Decreases horsepower/Kw required for pumping.
  • Reduces friction and line pressure.


250 Gram  bag, 50 bags per case.