Barrell Kleen Supergel Concrete Splash Remover


Barrell Kleen Supergel is a unique gel formulation based on new organic salt technology. Barrell Kleen Supergel performs like a strong acid but is non-corrosive to skin and most metals. In fact, Barrell Kleen Supergel is classified by the criteria of Worksafe Australia as non-hazardous.


Barrell Kleen Supergel replaces dangerous hydrochloric and other commercial acidic formulations with a safer alternative. Barrell Kleen Supergel is designed to efficiently remove concrete splash and cement dust residues from vehicles and all other surfaces commonly found in the pre-mix concrete industry, including pre-mix concrete agitators, level screeders and concrete pumps. Barrell Kleen Supergel only becomes active when exposed to the target residue unlike normal acids that release all of their available activity immediately.

Barrell Kleen Supergel is best used neat. The normal method of application is to apply the undiluted product to the target surface using a soft broom that has been soaked in Barrell Kleen Supergel. Once applied the product should be left for a few minutes to do its work prior to rinsing with water. It is best not to allow the surface to dry prior to rinsing.

The OH&S concerns associated with the use of dangerous acidic formulations can be eliminated with the use of Barrell Kleen Supergel.

User Benefits

  • Fast & efficient removal of concrete and all cement based residues.
  • Replaces dangerous acids commonly used in the pre-mix concrete industry with a non-hazardous material. Barrell Kleen Supergel is non-hazardous to the criteria of Worksafe Australia.
  • Out performs all other “acid replacement” products. Has concrete dissolving power greater than 10% hydrochloric acid.
  • Very low odour level and non-fuming.
  • Barrell Kleen Safe is 6000 times less corrosive to steel and 70 times less corrosive to aluminium when compared with 10% hydrochloric acid.
  • Unique detergency properties produce a streak free finish and leave dried surfaces with a pleasing surfactant sheen.