Form Oil Non Flammable

Form Oil release agent is an emulsion of organic


Form oil can be applied to concrete machinery and Shotcrete machines to aid in the release of the hardened concrete and splatter from the machinery. Form Release forms a physical barrier between the painted or bare metal surface and the concrete. The soap like material used as the emulsifier reacts with the free lime on the surface of the concrete/Shotcrete.The reaction of the emulsifier forming a chemically inert calcium soap that enhances the separation of the concrete from the equipment surface. The chemically reactive components in FORM RELEASE provide a water repellent interface, which protects your equipments paint work from build-up and splatter.


Brush or conventional form oil sprayer can be used to apply FORM RELEASE.  If a oil sprayer is used, care should be taken to ensure that a fine nozzle is fitted, as FORM RELEASE should be applied in a light continuous film.

Health & Safety

FORM RELEASE is  a  non-toxic form oil  and classed as non-hazardous under Work Safe Guidelines.

FORM RELEASE is available in 20, 200 and 1000 Litres